History of Area and LLCEF

During the 1920s, Dr. Lucius B. Morse envisioned a year-round resort community in Lake Lure.  In addition to all of the wonderful amenities he planned, one of those was the town’s first school.  Though the Great Depression began just after the resort dream could become a full reality, the school was one of the first buildings constructed and would play a significant role in the community in the years that followed.

When the school closed back in the early 1960s due to an area school consolidation, the community lost a critical piece of its economic vitality and draw for families.  Though Lake Lure and Hickory Nut Gorge continued to be magnificent tourism destinations, the area needed a school not only to attract families but also to enhance the quality of life for all its residents.  With the opening of Lake Lure Classical Academy (LLCA) in 2010 on the original school site, a new opening for renewal had begun.

Lake Lure Classical Academy

Now into its 4th school year, the school’s success has created a call for expanded facilities that will serve the needs of students and community members of all ages.  Anticipating the upcoming necessity for fundraising support, the Lake Lure Community Education Foundation (LLCEF) formed in late 2011.   Comprised of three members of the school’s board, two school parents and three members of the community at large, the founding board pulled together to determine the foundation’s mission and vision.  While much of its original purpose involved service as a support organization for the school, the board quickly realized the potential to help the school and the greater community.  As the board planned to build the permanent campus, it became apparent that LLCEF could serve a critical role in helping the school understand the community’s capacity to support this project.  Since charter schools in North Carolina receive no state capital funds for building construction, LLCEF’s partnership in this endeavor was essential.

One of the first steps in this expansion project involved the Town of Lake Lure generously donating land across from Ingles on Highway 9.  While the school was securing this donation, the school’s Facilities Committee continued to work on site preparation and construction issues.  Please check back with us in the near future for updated plans and information about this project.