Why did you create this foundation?

The initial driving force behind starting the foundation was the desire to create an entity that would serve as the major fundraiser for Lake Lure Classical Academy.  As our founding board came together and worked on its mission and vision, we became quite excited about not only helping the school, but also the prospect of building a learning community here.

What is the relationship of the Lake Lure Classical Academy (LLCA) to the LLCEF?

LLCEF and LLCA are separate and distinct organizations.  LLCEF, through its non-profit status, intends to help with major fundraising for LLCA, but has no operational relationship with the school.

How will LLCEF help the community?

We believe that education represents an extremely important component of our community’s vitality and quality of life.  In addition to our support of LLCA, we want to help create and support other educational and learning opportunities for folks of all ages in our community.

Can I apply for grant / scholarship / financial assistance?

We are not able to offer grants, scholarships or financial assistance at this time.