Recent Feasibility Study

LLCEF and Lake Lure Classical Academy (LLCA) recently conducted a feasibility study to help determine our community’s capacity to support a capital campaign to help with the construction of the new LLCA campus.  As part of this feasibility study, our consultants, Sims & Steele from Asheville, held focus groups, small community gatherings and personal interviews with select community leaders.   The following represents some of the highlights and conclusions from this work.

The project to create a new campus for the Lake Lure Classical Academy received very high marks for planning and preparation, case presentation, campus utilization, and the external climate for a campaign for the project.

Some of the other positive results:

  • 97% of the interviewees found that the rationale presented in the Pre-Case makes good sense
  • 84% felt that level of preparation for fundraising is good or excellent
  • 94% were willing to make a gift to the project

On the other hand, many of the interviewees, who were not already actively involved or deeply familiar with the school, did not express the level of passion or commitment necessary to commit to the size gifts necessary to support our original campaign goal at this time.

After considering all of this information as well as the other feedback contained in the report, our boards have decided that our greatest needs at the moment are to help build awareness about our school and our new campus project, cultivate relationships with our area citizens and businesses and improve communication about our progress as we move forward.  We’re going to begin actively working with our local community connectors and leaders to help our area residents and businesses better understand what a positive impact our school and new campus will have on so many facets affecting quality of life and economic health in our region.   We feel that this work is critical to build the level of enthusiasm within our community necessary to begin a successful capital campaign that will have a meaningful impact on the shape and scope of our kids’ future educational opportunities.   Direct community interest and financial support of the school are vital.

As we work to strengthen the bond between the school and the community, please know that the school board is continuing with the school construction planning and financing necessary to build our new campus without delay.  The school board’s goal is to have all students in the new building as classes begin in Fall 2015.

If we are to achieve our foundation’s goal to better equip and outfit the new school, we’ll need to identify and raise lead gifts of $150,000 and above to generate momentum, instill confidence, provide matching opportunities, and develop a solid funding base.  We look forward to speaking with you in the days ahead about the best way to accomplish this goal and benefit to our community.